This site developed from an attempt to write a book. I think the web-site format suits the the material, it allows for searching, easy cross referencing and supports non-sequential reading. This is the initial published version - a soft launch on Facebook and LinkedIn with links to this eBook. 

Version 1.0

Soft Launch, Content Complete and Stable, All sections written and reviewed

Future Plans

In 2H 2019 and 2020

I will also be starting a more active promotion phase and begin looking for help with inaugurating work on The Hope Association and HoPEdia.

I don't think this ebook/site will ever be entirely finished, not least because human knowledge is developing all the time. I have taken a snapshot of V1.0 and archived it. The best I can hope for is that the framework is stable so that I can keep learning, adding and refining the articles. The web-site format makes keeping up to date and continual development practical.

Version History


13/4/2020 - added links into landing page 

Mistakes and Corrections

Ongoing as I find them