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Democratic practice and institutions

Economic change and business development

These activities represent changes taking place in society at large that bring holistic economy closer. They may have nothing to do with any organisation set up to promote it but they should all be loosely coupled (see Tactics - Information - HoPEdia). My case is that political and economic activity are indivisible, that is why I use the term political economy.

Loose coupling and solidarity

The supportive culture that provides the environment in which holistic political economy grows will put people in touch – being one co-operative is laudable, worthy and lonely, being one of thousands is encouraging, inspiring and supportive.

Both of these areas are ones that will build up in subsequent stages – build up in the sense that formation rates will increase and numbers will grow, but the point is that they are already going on even in the hostile environment we are saddled with. Those I have been able to find are in Examples of What Good Looks Like 

  • In the area of democratic practice and institutions there are experiments taking place around the world in the use of sortition and wider forms of public participation
  • In the area of economic change and business development there are many existing co-operatives, mutual organisations, credit unions, not for profits and well run private businesses