In this letter Professor Nigel Harvey lists many putative reasons for non-compliance, including reduced trust in authorities, decreases in perceptions of risk, increased complacency and changes in values (eg, an increased emphasis on libertarianism).

This article covers the extent to which northern Labour local government has and is being consulted and also covers the creation of the Northern Research Group which is named as a self conscious copy of the ERG as well as being self described as a sort of trade union for northern Conservative MPs.

I have no specialist knowledge of epidemiology, I am qualified to identify the characteristics of a system, my profession was Systems Analyst, I worked as an IT Project Manager and Consultant and have an MBA from Leeds University Business School.

The Great Barrington Declaration expresses the libertarian view, which can be summarised as let it rip to get herd immunity just protect the vulnerable vs. more stringent public health approaches within which we can include the idea of a circuit breaker, see

In a bad year seasonal flue kills 600,000 people or so worldwide, so far from Covid-19 we have had over 1,000,000 deaths in 9 months. Figures for the UK published by the ONS show covid is three times as bad as seasonal flu

“North of England leaders vow to oppose lockdown without financial support” 

In response to comments by Boris Johnsons an article in the Guardian appeared This was also picked up by other news media.

Good businesses note, of course there are those that exploit their staff and use raw power to impose what is going to generate profits power to but the difference is business don’t claim to be democracies.

In the tradition of Owen, Rowntree, Salt and many others