Author: Ian Morris
Date: 2014
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 978-1-78125-296-3

Content: History of warfare as follows: War and peace in Rome, Barbarians, Five Hundred years (1415-1914), Storm of Steel (1914-1980's), Aggression in Primates, US Domination 1989-?

Highly engaging and I think quite good at the long sweep of history. In the end I found it US-centric and he eventually came across, to me at least, as an apologist for some abominable foreign policy. His blind spot being the simpler motive of protecting access to resources that the US needs. His conclusion that the US should continue its Pax American role until The Singularity makes it irrelevant, he called US hegemony the "the last best hope". As you'd expect, even given the better leadership I don't believe that empire (from anywhere) is part of the answer.

Relevance: The long view of the history of war is interesting