Author: Naomi Klein
Date: 2014
Publisher: Allen Lane/Penguin
ISBN: 978-1-846-14506-3

Contents: Bad timing, Magical thinking, Starting anyway.

"it is our political class that is utterly unwilling to go where the money is (unless its for a campaign contribution), and the corporate class is dead set against paying its fair share" p 119

"there is another way of looking at this...these demands - for basic public services that work, for decent housing , for land redistribution, - represent nothing less than the unfinished business of the most powerful liberation movements of the last two centuries...the massive global investments required to respond to the climate a chance to change all that; and get it right this time. It could deliver equitable redistribution of agricultural could bring jobs and homes...and clean could turn on the lights and running water... that when major shifts in economic power take place, they are the result of extraordinary levels of social mobilisation. At those junctures, activism becomes something that is not performed by a small tribe within a culture, whether vanguard of radicals or subcategory of slick professionals...but becomes an entirely normal activity throughout society...the usual categories of "activitivist" and "regular people" became meaningless because the project of changing society was so deeply woven into the project of life." p458-9

Relevance: Seminal; the need for radical change and not just the "same old" activism. We must just start anyway, if I have understood right my proposals should help this along - see Part 4 Act - Tactics