Author: Kate Roworth
Date: 2017
Publisher: RH Business Books (Penguin/Random House)
ISBN: 978-1847-94137-4

Contents: The seven way are: change the goal, see the big picture, nurture human nature, get savvy with systems, design to distribute, create to regenerate, be agnostic about growth. Some good background on conventional economics along the way.

Relevance: Both inspiring and influential on my thinking, convincing me that solutions are possible. A spur to my thinking about what it would take to bring about change and get both buy in and consensus for the transition to a different political economy. 

My marginalia has the following comment "great book but has one glaring omission, what is the political economy needed, & how do we create a new power structure to challenge the existing ones?" Raworth makes it clear that economics is about design and that we need too redesign but has nothing to say about the practicalities of action, so ultimately I found this a perplexing and serious blind spot.

I have tried to address the practicalities of action. I was well on the way to writing this site this before Roworth's book was published but it helped immensely with the refinement of some arguments and gave me confidence that I was on the right track.