There is a lot of energy out there and many people are developing new ways of linking together that tackle the individualisation of society and divide and rule that accelerated over the last 30 years. There is likely to be someone out there who has had a similar problem and has been thinking about ways to deal with it. If they have not cracked the problem that may be abe to offer help support or just inspire you. Here are links to some sites offering help and resources online.

Start a business, could be a co-op

The business development arm of the Co-op called The Hive... has a business consultancy service for setting up co-ops including model constitutions for different types of co-op 

Apply pressure in the right way and in the right place

In order plan a campaign to achieve change in some aspect of society has a method of analysing power to find leverage points. Here you will find associated presentations, handouts, weblink and videos including case studies.

Use technology for campaigning 

General non-partisan campaigning

Organising to improve working conditions

  • A way of building a case for improved working conditions using online techniques so that the lack of TU membership penetration is overcome
  • It is interesting that one of the cases being taken up is to stop the co-op having one on one shifts. The co-op is owned by its customers which does not guarantee its internal organisation is cooperative. It is clearly subject to the same competitive pressures as its conventionally organised competitors and finds the practical limits to good practice dictated by its pricing. It survives but is consistently more expensive because it generally is a good place to work.