Tactics is about the specific actions, in the initiation phase, it spells out how (where strategy was about what). Some very specific activities are spelled out including two proposals.

Tactics for the initiation stage by each area of activity. All but two of these are modest. The two firm proposals will be a challenge and given my age, time and energy I am looking for as much help as I can get with them. If the arguments so far have been inspiring and convincing who knows?

An organisation is needed but this will not be a conventional political party, rather it will be an association of like-minded people who are (in the language of the networked economy) loosely coupled. The organisation will act in ways that align with the core values of holistic political economy to be an exemplar of the changes that are proposed.

hope-wiki.com - What’s the idea of that?

This is just my name for all the information about and links to the practices of holistic political economy that are happening all over, right now. Like Part 2 Assess – Examples of what good looks like – In concept it is bigger, better and as near comprehensive as its possible to get - but there are important caveats (Note: hope-wiki July 2020). The concept is still to get all the information that can be captured online – data and people loosely coupled by their experiences of just doing it.