After reading coverage of his recent Fabian pamphlet and what he said in his speech to the Labour Conference I include at the end of this piece, the 10 pledges that Sir Kier Starmer made to party members during his campaign to become leader (Note; 10 Pledges). They are all still on his website, but not obvious though you can still tweet support for each one individually.

Questions abound:

  • Why didn't he state these 10 things crisply in his pamphlet and conference speech developing them into practical policies for a programme of government?
  • Does he believe them, but actually think people won't vote for a programme based on them; if so, who did he say this to and when?
  • Did he ever believe in them; any of them, which ones?
  • If Labour needs to be trusted how does saying one thing and doing another help?

All of this begs the question – what should Labour be doing? I am writing this from a non-party perspective but also from one that wants to see a broad a coalition to bring in change for the better. However that works Labour has to be part of it.

Because, as the cliché has it, “we are where we are” some context is in order. Before I look at what Labour should do I am going to look at electoral mathematics and election behaviour.